Get the travel gloves on and get ready to RUMBLLLLLLLLLLE! I’ve been to all the travel destinations below, so the information comes firsthand. The travel guides for each destination are practical, (mostly) comprehensive and real. They include an overview of experiences and impressions, information on budget, transportation (how much subway, cab, bus and other modes of transportation cost and their accessibility), tourist attractions (cost and accessibility), hotel information (cost, location and accessibility), and other practical information on items such as laundry, pharmacies and so forth. I hope the travel tips and guides help you have awesome travels!

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Ubud, Bali Rice Terraces

It appears that Asia claims more sites on the epic, historic scale than Europe. On the other end of the time and marvel spectrum, some of the most modern, technology-driven metropolises are Seoul, Korea and Tokyo, Japan. When traveling around Asia, you feel like you’re in truly exotic lands. Read the travel guides for Asia

Madrid, Spain Travel

Traits that readily come to mind about Europe are the quaint to grand and intricate architecture, lush, natural scenery and pervasive culture. When compared to Asia, Europe offers a blend of the exotic and familiar. This balance may be more your speed. Read the travel guides for Europe

North America
Chicago, IL Travel

From beaches to snow-capped illustrious mountains, the North American continent will tingle every travel fiber you’ve got. There’s a lot more to North America than the famous albeit gorgeous beaches of California and Florida. Read the travel guides for North America

South America
Cuenca, Ecuador Travel

South America is the last continent (outside various places in North America) I’ve visited. I was fortunate enough to travel to Cartagena, Colombia and Guayaquil and Cuenca, Ecuador. Both countries are rich in culture, history and attractions. Don’t wait to visit. Read the travel guides for South America

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