Ajiacos Y Mondongos

Cazuela de Frijoles at Ajiacos Y Mondongos

I tried one of the most (and famous) traditional Colombian restaurants, Ajiacos Y Mondongos, a very quaint and exceedingly cute place on Calle 8 off Avenida Poblado (Calle 8 #42-46, El Poblado, Medellin to be exact). It has some history (opened in 1991) and has seen its fair share of recognizable names. Matter of fact, […]

Science of Buying Flight Tickets

Victoria International Airport

There is research that spells out the cheapest 1) days to fly, 2) times to fly and 3) days to actually purchase tickets. Cheapest Days to Fly I knew that the weekdays—Tuesday and Wednesday—were the cheapest days to fly. But, like the rest of us ordinary folk, I didn’t know Wednesdays are cheaper and then […]

Why I Travel

Making friends at Tanah Lot in Bali

THE SHORT ANSWER Simple and here’s the short answer: it’s fun and I really like experiencing other cultures. Now how fun is the picture above? It’s at Tanah Lot in Bali and these kids wanted to be in a picture with me. THE LONGER ANSWER Here’s the longer answer and I’ll explain some benefits to […]

Wheel Adventure Site Redesign

Wheel Adventure Travel

I appreciate the emails inquiring about my site when it was down. Thanks also for bearing with the old site with all its broken links while I changed hosting services (a couple of times). The last few months were spent redesigning. The new one allows for comments and user input/generated content. Thanks again for visiting […]