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Oil. Tighten. Pack. Roll.

I'm Matt Getze and I like to travel. I don't just like to travel; I like to travel to unique places and experience breathtaking adventures. I am a paraplegic in a wheelchair and I travel within a modest budget.

When planning trips, I suggest that you keep your mobility and comfort levels in mind. Mine is one small step and a bathroom I can fit my wheelchair in.

It's hard to find wheelchair accessible hotels that are centrally located, affordable and supported by authentic photos on travel websites; thus I created the Wheel Adventure Travel site. The places in question are Europe, Asia, and South America. It sucks to research online for hours and come up blank. I've researched photos of hotel entrances to see if the hotels had steps at the entrances or ramps. Most travel sites have generic, stock photos which don't reveal much. A lot of hotels indicated as having "facilities for disabled" aren't wheelchair accessible.

In each place I've traveled to, I deliberately set out to find affordable, centrally located and handicap accessible hotels. I took pictures and videos of the entrances and then asked the hotel staff if the hotels had wheelchair accessible rooms; that is, a bathroom with either roll-in showers or bathtubs with handles. I also tried to see the actual rooms.

Wheel Adventure has tons of videos of tourist attractions, streets, sidewalks, ramps, restaurants, etc. You'll also find out money-saving tips and traveling within a budget.

Help and Strangers
Man, there are so many great people I've met in various parts of the world. I traveled alone throughout Prague, Madrid, Frankfurt, Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines. Needless to say, I've relied many times on the help of strangers to aid me. Steps and stairs pose the largest hurdle for wheelchair travel (narrow doorways, turnstyles and gates as well). Traveling solo as a physically handicap person wouldn't have been possible without some of the wonderful people I've met along the way.

Use Wheel Adventure Travel to make informed, intelligent travel decisions. Keep an open mind and don't limit yourself.


Have fun. Kick ass. Enjoy life.