Here are some of the most useful and informative travel sites on the web that I’ve found. You should also be aware that if you know a foreign language, you can research online local or country-specific travel websites for the best deals. If you know of more, contact me.


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Kayak is, in my opinion, the easiest, most comprehensive travel site on the web in terms of shopping around for flight deals and hotels. It’s an aggregator of most major travel sites, airline flights, hotels and transportation websites. You can find great deals on flights and hotels. The download time is fairly fast considering that Kayak pulls data from so many sources. I like the user-friendly interface. Kayak’s site is logical, easy to navigate and comes up with abundant choices. You can organize information by sorting alpahbetically, dates, prices, etc. One of the best features of Kayak is that for flights, Kayak has options for multi-destination trips.

Cathay Pacific
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Cathay Pacific sometimes offers on its own website some better online deals than discount fare sites, especially fares for multi-destination trips for Southeast Asia.

Booking Buddy
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Booking Buddy is flight aggregator that will compare fare prices for you. It aggregates sites such as Kayak, Travelocity, Cheap Tickets, etc. The only drawback to Booking Buddy is that it does not offer a multi-destination option which Kayak does. But, it is fairly easy to use for roundtrip tickets.


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Agoda seems to have the best hotel deals around. Hotels that normally cost $150/night, can often cost around $70. It often offers the best online hotel rates of the websites I’ve listed. It also provides, like many other sites, reviews of the hotels, picture galleries and ratings. You can find great deals for hotels here for most any destination. As well, you guarantee a hotel room instantly with your credit card.

Asia Rooms
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Asia Rooms is a good site to find deals on hotel rooms in Asian countries. It used to offer better deals, however. The reviews of hotels in this site are very candid. Often, however, the reviewers write in their own languages so you can’t understand what they are writing. However, the site does have a good consumer rating system of stars for hotels. As of late, rates on Asia Rooms seem to have gone up. This may reflect inflation or just the cut Asia Rooms takes in to make revenue goals. Who knows!

Hotel Rates
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Hotel Rates is owned by Here, you can find great, last minute deals for hotel rooms in Europe. The customer service representatives via phones answer quickly.

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This is another site that you can find great deals on hotels in Europe. The only problem with Venere is that you think you get instant booking with a hotel but you’ll receive, days later, an email from them that a booking may have been cancelled by the hotel itself. The communication time with Venere is slow.

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Sometimes this site has the most competitive pricing for hotel rates and promotions. It’s kind of hit and miss but it does stay competitive.

China Tour
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You can find great deals on this site for hotel rooms in China. It is, os the name implies, a Chinese owned company. You can book hotel rooms with or without a credit card. You can expect a confirmation email within 24 hours.


Travel Fish
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This is the best website for southeast Asian travel. Its forums and writers keep all travel information on southeast Asian countries current.

Accessible Prague
Site Address:, GSM: +420608531753
Accessible Prague provides tourist services for the disabled. Lea Skanderova combines her local knowledge of Prague and experience providing care for the disabled in her services.

Dave’s Travel Corner
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Travel website offering content including articles, photos, links, classifieds, message boards & much more. California, USA & International destinations

Accessible Epic Enabled Tours – South Africa
Epic Enabled offers family friendly & wheelchair accessible camping safari holidays to the disabled traveller in the Kruger National Park, Garden Route and day tours in Johannesburg and Cape Town in South Africa. Everybody is welcome, individuals, friends, families & groups. Touch a cheetah, hear the animal calls, taste traditional foods, see the famous African sunsets, have fun…


Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra
Site Address: Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra
This ski and sports school in Mammoth provides the best instructors. I’ve personally taken ski lessons here.


Beach Scoot
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Making quality time with your loved ones easier is what is important to us. This Electric MAV (Mobility Assist Vehicle)…