Prague, Czech Republic Travel Guide

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Intro to Prague

Astronomical Clock, Prague Travel
Prague is the most aesthetically pleasing destination, perhaps in the world. I verified this widely held view (ok, I haven’t been to every place in the world). Prague’s city center’s geography is confined to a relatively limited space – as far as Prague’s attractions are concerned. This means that you have a concentration of buildings with magnificent, charming, colorful and detailed facades. Wheel up any little hill and there’s a beautiful, panoramic view of the city or at least the cute, colorful buildings and streets lined with trees and often, mini-cobblestones.

You can get lost in the rich architecture. That’s half the fun. The building’s Gothic and baroque architecture is stunning. Charles Bridge, which crosses Vitava River, and the scenery from the bridge is awe-inspiring. The pastries and pizzerias of Prague perk your taste buds right up, enticing you to go back for more. Transportation via metro/train, tram is becoming more accessible. Plus, Prague is still a very affordable place to visit. You get about 20 CZK for 1 US dollar.

The Czech Republic is a part of the EU. As a result, the Czech Republic, especially Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is complying with the EU´s regulations. That means, we’ll see the infrastructure of Prague become more and more accessible. The limited accessibility of Prague is evidenced with more and more metro stops with handicap lifts, new buses that lower themselves and have lifts or ramps, hotels with handicap accessible rooms.